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This is a list of selected features that could be implemented in the future. This page is about you giving your opinion, being part of the Midronome journey, so we can shape the future of Midronome together!

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Important warning

There is no guarantee any feature here will ever be implemented until its associated Forum topic has been approved (marked with "[A]").
Once approved, there is no guarantee regarding when or how it will be implemented.

Features list

Tempo Presets

Saving presets on the Midronome, to be able to recall both tempo and time signature quickly

Tempo Decimals

Possibility of setting the BPM precisely down to the 100th decimal

MIDI Data Forwarding

Forwarding MIDI data (for example MIDI notes) sent from USB to the DIN-MIDI plugs

48ppq Clock

Adding a 48ppq (parts per quarternote) clock option on the ANLG outputs

Analog Start Signal

Possibility of sending a start/stop analog gate and reset signals on the ANLG outputs

Negative Offset

Adding a negative offset (negative latency) on one of the two MIDI outputs

Clock Swing

Possibility of configuring an adjustable swing/shuffle on the Midronome's clocks

Sync to any pulse

Syncing the Midronome to a regular pulse, f.ex. a metronome, a kick drum, or a 1-24ppq analog clock (this is not beat detection)

Something else

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Note: the DAW Plugin is not in the list because it has already been approved. It will run as a community open-source project. See more info on the forum topic about it.